March 13

Why a Diamond?


“Why a Diamond”……You could say the ‘Ultimate’ memento of any loved-one would be a diamond. Losing a best friend, a lover, a pet, family member or parent can be heart-breaking enough, so having to deal with the trauma that follows is going to be upsetting.  But time passes and then you have the memories.  There is something very different about a memento which is actually made from the very last remnants of a loved-one. So the ‘ultimate’ must be a real and genuine diamond made from the last particles – essentially carbon in the form of ashes (Cremation ashes) or perhaps mane or tail hair – which contains about 40% actual useful carbon.

Now this brings me to a living best friend – your horse. He/She may be a show-jumper, a race runner (even a winner) or simply the best pet you have ever grown up with, so what better way could there be but to have a PART of the living beast that you adore, made into something you can treasure, wear and pass down through the family.

We have been making diamonds from horses (and other animals and also humans) for over 10 years. But now that we can make diamonds using hair – we can offer a ‘Celebration’ diamond, the winners gem, a 21st birthday diamond or a diamond just celebrating the life of your friendship together.

Our diamonds come in Natural Colours – Canary, Blue, White and although quite expensive – Pink.  You can have a 1/2 carat Canary coloured brilliant cut diamond for around £3250. The processing takes about 13-15 weeks.

Please feel free to call for a brochure and/or more info’ ; 0800 141 2254 or text 0771 288 7993 anytime.


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