November 8

We’ve had problems with our e-mail and SPAM


E-mail is brilliant, fast and convenient – when it works….. Grrrrrr   But when it turns into “Fail-Mail” I’m not impressed.

In our group, we receive a huge amount of SPAM. We have quite a few different e-mail addresses, so IF? you have sent us a message and you expected a reply, please don’t assume we are ignoring you, but also don’t re-send the same message, it may be caught by our SpamSieve which learns based on what we have rejected from the hundreds we get.  Just call us FREE on 0800 141 2254, or feel free to text me on 0771 288 7993 and I’ll check why we haven’t received your message.

SPAM is a world-wide pain. It consumes time and resources and when missed, makes us look rude and perhaps affects the sender enough to enquire elsewhere – thinking that we don’t care.

If you are receiving spam, the worse thing you can do is use the message’s own ‘Unsubscribe’ – that will only confirm your address is real, then you will get 100 times more.  Gmail has a very good efficient spam filter. You could divert all your mail THROUGH a secret Gmail account.

Apple mail has three ‘aliases’ which are disposable, the address works through your usual address and can be anything (not already used by you or others) and can be used for website sales registering.

We all need to keep abreast of spams, scams and fake ‘friends’ from idiots distributing viruses. Images can contain bugs, so don’t have attachments which open automatically. If you get a mail from (say) a known sender, hover over the name and SEE if the senders address IS actually your known friend. Spoofing is rife. Don’t open anything you were not expecting – no matter how serious it looks [Court orders, Bank warnings, et al] and don’t open zip files.

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