May 12

We’d like to share a story about a horse called ‘Mini’


My horse Mini was literally a child’s dream come true.

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From the age of five I dreamt of owning a pony, it would be a girl, bay, with a white star and white legs. And she would be incredibly cheeky and we’d have amazing adventures together! Well, the dream never left, and at the age of 27 I was at the stables one day when a horse lorry turned up. When they opened the doors there was a beautiful little bay pony with a white star – who was unbroken because she had been labelled ‘wild and uncontrollable’. I looked into those big brown eyes and that was it! Before I knew it, I parted with a couple of hundred pounds and I was the proud owner of my dream horse. A little Welsh Arab cross who I called Mini – after my first car. She was just like a Mini, small, fast, tough, and it felt like we could take on the world together.

We were together for 22 years, and apart from when I was on holiday I would see her everyday. She never lost the slightly wild side, but she was never nasty or rude, she just enjoyed life to the full!

My daughter was born, and they grew up together. Mini would canter across the field to see her, something she rarely did for me. Mini was incredibly gentle and careful with my daughter, and always looked after her. The bond between myself, my daughter, and Mini was incredibly strong, we regularly outperformed horses that cost tens of thousands of pounds. I turned down countless offers for her – how could I sell my dream – she was priceless to me.

So when she unfortunately broke her leg in the field (charging around behaving like she was 2!), I was naturally devastated. There was still so much that I wanted us to do together. My daughter had ridden her out the day before and she was a cheeky and full of life as ever – being a veteran really hadn’t slowed her down any. There was a gaping horsey hole in my life when she was no longer there.

What could I do to keep her close to me? How could I best memorialise my horsey soul mate, my little rough diamond? Of course – I would spend way way in excess of what she was valued at and have her turned into a beautiful blue diamond (baby blue was the colour of all her accessories)! I got in touch with Phoenix Diamonds, and 5 months later my beautiful diamond arrived, hand delivered no less. It really took my breath away it was so stunning.

I had Mini’s diamond set, along with two other diamonds that have significance to me, in a design created by myself and my daughter (after all, Mini’s diamond will be handed down to her one day). It rarely leaves my hand, and never fails to make me smile at all the memories of my naughty, talented, beautiful, little dream horse.

Nicola Fisher

Blue Memorial Diamond Ring
A large blue diamond made from Mini’s ashes


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