August 29

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As we get many questions [hundreds!!!] about – How much hair/ashes, how much our diamonds cost and how long does it take, I’d like to add this short note and answers. Many questions and answers are featured in our FAQ’s section available on both websites Phoenix-Diamonds FAQ and  [NB: Not “” ]

We need around 15 grams minimum of hair, 20-25 grams optimum and we’ll give you back what we don’t use.  Hair is hair, you can add ANY together. For Cremation Ashes we need 100grams/carat
Colours : We ONLY grow natural shades of light Canary Yellow, Free-Range Blue (usually coming out powder blue towards white).  White diamonds (always have a very slight blue hue) and Free-Range Pink.
We say “Free-Range” because the diamonds are using totally unique carbon and EVERY growth is unique too, the shades are never exactly predictable. A lot of our customers like that – for the diamond IS actually their ‘loved-one’.

It’s as difficult to make 1/10th of a carat as it is to make 1.00 carat, so we have a minimum order value of  0.5ct  but that could be made up of our smallest – 0.25ct (sold in ‘Three’s), or the next size – 0.33ct (sold in pairs) or one single stone 0.5ct – or above.  We also make family budget mixed weights – as long as the order is more than 1/2 carat. We have made as many as 10x  0.25 carats. Total order 2.5 carat

There is one caveat : The diamonds are cut by hand with 58 facets (round, brilliant cut – very sparkly) and our cutting tolerance is +5/-5 points (100 points in 1.00 carat) SO……. 0.5ct could come out 0.45 or 0.55 and as we charge by delivered weight, you need to be aware of the final balance. It’s worth budgeting for very slightly ‘over’ as although we try hard to match the order, the smaller diamonds are hard to keep absolutely accurate to weight ordered.

Weights : Canary 0.25 – 1.75ct.  Blue’s 0.25 to 1.5ct:  White’s up to 1.5ct and Pink unto 1.00ct.

Costs : Canary £6500/ct (so minimum order = £3250), Blue £10,950/ct, White £12,500 and Pink £14,500 per carat.

Sounds a lot I know, but Natural mined coloured diamonds – ‘fancies’ in nature are VERY expensive. Pink and Blue the rarest can be $100,000 – $250,000 per carat, so at £10,950 AND made of loved-ones is a miracle.


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