Beautiful diamonds produced from your cherished horse hair

Sadly life does come to an end. We are part of the UK based Phoenix Group and have been making ‘Memorial Diamonds’ for over 10 years. Many have been pets, dogs, cats and horses giving us experience in creating a fitting horse or pet memorial.

All cremation ashes and hair contains carbon. If you have already had the sadness of having to cremate your horse and have the ashes, we need just 100 grams to be able to make a 1 carat diamond.

For health reasons, if your time together is being considered, collect tail or mane hair now. We need 25-30 grams of hair to be able to grow a 1 carat diamond. Once you have the hair and the ashes, there is no rush.

Grief affects us all differently. We understand your sadness and will help you memorialise your loved-one if you wish. There will be no sales pressure from us if you simply wish to know more.

Diamonds can be from living horses (hair) or from the deceased ashes/hair.

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