March 13

I’d like to show you a raw memorial diamond from horses hair


When we are asked to manufacture a real diamond from horses tail or mane hair, we are sometimes asked if we can provide the diamond in its raw state.

Raw Diamond
How the ‘Raw’ basically comes out of the press

As you can see in our photo’, the raw canary diamond is very weird, dull and not obviously a diamond until it is cut and polished.

4 raw and polished diamonds
A dramatic difference between raw and polished
Memorial Diamond oxeye
Ox eye daisy pendant

But once it is cut and polished – especially with 58 facets in the Brilliant Cut form, it scintillates and flashes fire just like the mined diamonds.

Canary coloured diamonds are the easiest to make in our lab’. The shade is derived from Nitrogen.  We also make free-range Blue/White diamonds – which as shown in the following phot’o are very light blue – almost a powder blue or sky blue.

Blue/White memorial diamond
We also make free-range blue/white

Apart from Canary and Blue, we also make a fabulous PINK

pink diamond in gold setting
A beautiful free-range pink memorial diamond set in 18carat rose gold

You can see more on our ‘Equine’ website and you will also see our gallery of photos and settings. Our main sister site is



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