July 7

#HorseHour was a blast


Twitter : Mondays at 8.00pm : #HorseHour by @HorseHour – a brilliant op’ to tweet all kinds of equine stuff using our Twitter monica “@EquineGems” (well you have to save those characters ;-).

It really was a fluke I came across the spot, and this was on our 3rd day of real work within ‘Horses’. Unlike ‘Memorial Diamonds’ which is more relating to ‘Death’, #HorseHour is all things ‘horsey’ and ‘Living’ – fabulous and I’m looking forward to making a few more tweets – I could do with more feedback though…….

Many ppl within the realm of ‘horses’ have a FaceBook page.  We have found ‘FB’ to be incredibly intrusive. On one occasion after posting a note – we found OUR COMPETITION was being advertised on the page!!!!!! On another occasion we were prompted “You may know this person” – well we did – but NOTHING to do with ‘Equine’ and the person on offer was very very private – so somehow, somewhere ‘FB’ have access to ppl’s files. THAT’S DANGEROUS

PS : Oh yes – I can’t spell. I rely on spellchecker – and an English one at that


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