An excellent way to celebrate your wonderful bond

Whether you are Show-Jumping, Racing, own Stud or you are simply riding your best friend as a pet, what better way could you celebrate?

A trophy is one thing – but a REAL diamond made directly from your riding partner is the ultimate honour. Sparkling on your finger or flashing from a pendant – all our diamonds are fabulous and genuine diamonds.

We don’t actually make the jewellery – that is far too subjective, but we work with many UK jewellers after we have manufactured the diamond of your choice.

Depending on your funds, you could have a small diamond or a 2 carat rock – in colours Canary Yellow, Free-Range Blue**, almost White (clear) and shades of Pink.

We are part of the only British owned and UK based maker of genuine laboratory grown diamonds using carbon extracted from any kind of hair or cremation ashes.

Our diamonds are NOT synthetic, faux, ‘Aura’?, CZ, ‘Moissanite’ or made of DNA, We do not ‘irradiate’ diamonds to alter NATURAL grown colours. They can (if required) be certified by the UK Assay Office ‘AnchorCert’

Diamond weights supplied range from 0.25 crt up to 2.00 crt. Our most popular sizes are 0.75 & 1.00 crt. We have 4 Natural Diamond colours : Canary yellow, free-range shades of Blue, White(Blue hue) and shades of Pink. We only ever recommend round ‘Brilliant’ cut – 58 facets – as 90% of all the worlds diamonds are cut this was for a very good reason – fantastic scintillation.

Canary diamonds use >10-15 grams of hair (about ½ a cupful) Other colours use 20-25 grams (about 1 cupful). For memorialising we need >100 grams of ashes.

The minimum order value for our diamonds is 1x 0.5crt; or 2x 0.33crt; or 3x 0.25crt, this is because the processing is almost the same for any size of diamond. Orders could consist of various sizes, we have made up to 10 at once.

The Canary process takes around 13-15 weeks, other colours can take a longer. Terms and conditions apply, detailed in plain English on our order form. Importantly, we only charge for the exact weight delivered.

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