April 27

Bandits are offering “Memorial Diamonds”


three diamond ring
one brilliant cut canary memorial diamond with twin natural diamonds


Since 2004 (when the Group first got started), there are now four ‘Memorial Diamond’ manufacturers – of which WE are the only British owned and UK based company. There are diamond laboratories – but not making ‘Memorial Diamonds’.

I would ask everyone who is searching using the internet, so look carefullyand check that these (so called) manufacturers actually exist. One at the top of the search engine (as far as we have tested many times) does not respond to enquiries??? Yet they have an very good website.

Another very high up on the list – who probably pay Google heavily to attract searchers – use various descriptive words for ‘Memorial Diamonds’ – allegedly they too don’t actually make them. I would suggest that these companies simply want to attract the ‘bereaved’ for the purposes of diverse sales.

I would also suggest that research goes a lot further than just listening to a telephone pitch. Check the website name on ‘DomainWhitePages.com’ – a lot can be seen there….. ie some will be registered in Russia, America and Switzerland. We are at Sunrise House, Hulley Road, Macclesfield, SK10 2LP in Cheshire, UK, and have been for many many years before.

Mike Kelly actually developed ‘Sunrise House’ on the Hurdsfield Ind. Est. This 1950’s building houses many other techie companies due to its huge space availability and 90 car parking spaces.

The Phoenix Group has changed its various websites domain names over the last 8 years. We still have ‘Phoenix-Diamonds.com’ but as were inundated with ordinary diamond enquiries, we added ‘Memorial’ into the title – now it says what we do on the tin. This does not detract from the trends once thought a good idea….. ashes2gems, pets2gems, celebration-diamonds, live-on, along with 35 other once thought good names to describe ‘Memorial Diamonds’.

One of the troubles with any new concept, is what does ‘Joe Public’ actually LOOK and SEARCH for……. We’ve seen – Diamonds from Ashes, Ash Diamonds, Hair Diamonds, Diamonds from Pets. So it has been difficult to chose a name which rings the bell.

We chose ‘Phoenix’ as the bird actually dies and rises from the ashes. Very apt we thought. But when we we’re making the ‘Jessica Diamond’ (the very first diamond made from an umbilical cord) the Daily mail wished it was either ‘Celebration Diamonds’ or ‘Memorial Diamonds’ and so the challenge has been with us for many years. Of course we couldn’t register every version of the names and so plagiarism is rife (for newbies or the envious) to jump onto our credibility and good name.

Fake companies, rip-offs and ‘Natural Diamond Companies’ have played a part in giving ‘man-made-diamonds’ a lesser value. Fake companies still exist. Rips-Offs still exist and the ‘Natural Diamond’ Industry must hate us.  In the last few years, our Group has had many problems you would not believe!!

You would think ‘Diamonds’ would attract enough bandits alone.  Cubic Zirconium and Moissanite are fabulous ‘simulates’ but we only manufacture REAL and genuine diamonds which can be certified by AnchorCert (the Birmingham Assay Office).  On top of the huge price differences, the trade has to contend with ‘Coated Diamonds’ (to change their colour shade) and also synthetics like ‘DiamondAura’.

With so much money at stake, we ask all potential customers to DO YOUR HOMEWORK.  If something sounds to good to be true – it probably isn’t. If anyone says they can make a real memorial diamond from DNA, we have to challenge it as DNA dies at 300c. If someone says they can make one in days or weeks – is that possible??? We take 13 weeks for a good reason.


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