July 7

Canary yellow diamonds made from horses main or tail hair

We get many questions about our diamonds but some people think the diamonds come out already sparkling and fashioned. Not so – diamond molecules are the hardest lattice and a raw diamond has its preferred crystal shape – in this case a dodecahedron form which is almost perfect for the round ‘Brilliant’ cut with 58 facets.

The yellow hue is down to nitrogen molecules sticking to the carbon lattice (in the case of our blue diamonds the hue is due to boron). As we have many trade secrets, all we can say is that the carbon extracted from horse hair is compressed at more than 10,000 tons/sq.in whilst heated to over 1300 centigrade for a long period of time (that’s all we are going to disclose).

Once cut and polished – the light yellow hue still allows the scintillation that all diamonds are known for (spreading the rainbow spectrum wider than other crystals) so although the diamonds are not ‘white’ (clear) they are still fabulous [very popular in the U.S.]

Cut & polished Canary Diamonds
Cut & polished Canary Diamonds
A raw Canary diamond from within the press
A raw Canary diamond from within the press


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