Mane Hair, Tail Hair, or Ashes to a Stunning Diamond


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Did you know genuine diamonds can be made from mane or tail hair?

All diamonds are simply carbon. What better way could you celebrate the life with your beloved friend than have a real diamond made from the carbon within horse hair.

In nature, the earth compresses carbon at fantastic temperatures under immense pressure.

We emulate that natural process in our laboratory, but instead of ‘millions of years’ it takes just a few months.

Just 25-30 grams of hair is enough to make a 1 carat fabulous diamond in various colours.

Equine Diamonds are real, they process all the same characteristics as mined gems and compare to the rarest colours costing many thousands of pounds.

We are the only UK based lab’ making both ‘Memorial Diamonds’ and ‘Celebration gems’.

Horses and Ponies have a special relationship with their human friends. Whether they are life long work horses, show-jumpers, winners or mistreated rescue cases. Celebrating that bond with the ‘Ultimate’ memento is now possible as well as Memorialising their life with you when they sadly pass-away.

Our Process

The process we follow to create stunning diamonds from mane hair, tail hair or ashes

Step 1: Collection

There is a lot of carbon in all hair. We need about 25-30 grams to treat in our laboratory.

Step 2: Processing

Once the carbon is extracted, we compress it and heat it over a period of time.

Step 3: Cutting

The raw diamond grows as in nature. We cut and polish it to get that unique scintillation.

Step 4: Delivery

When it is ready, we deliver it personally, for you to have it mounted in a ring or a pendant.

Client Testimonial:

“Dealing with Mike and Equine Diamonds was an absolute pleasure, he was considerate of my bereavement, and treated everything with the utmost respect.”

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